Hello flowers!
Today available at our store new IZZY Boots
with comfortable leg warmers tied with a bow with dagger.
Izzy is available in two versions, each versions come with HUD to choose between

16 Legwarmers textures – 12 Boots textures and 10 Straps textures
rigged mesh in 5 sizes.

enjoy! <3 *{ SeVered GarDeN }*



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Hello flowers!

We want to wish you a happy and scary Halloween!
This is a Gift for all SeVered GarDeN group members and subscribers <3

<3 enjoy *{ SeVered GarDeN }*

Stockings bones jpgbloo


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Hi flowers!

New ECATE winged top available at SeVered GarDeN!

ECATE comes with optional fanged teeth and HUD to change :

14 Top textures – 14 Wings textures – 4 Straps textures

you can Hide or Show the wings and change the Shining and the Glow by HUD .

Rigged mesh in 5 sizes.

enjoy! <3 *{ SeVered GarDeN }*




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Hello flowers!

Today we want show you new WEKY boots!

for a truly eye-catching look, these boots with high wedges
are rigghed mesh, and in one parcel will have a mega HUD

to change an infinite number of combinations of textures;)

You can mix:

         * 14 Base boot textures
* 14 Tip textures
* 14 Wedge textures
* 3 Metals options
* Laces and Sole are colorable by palette as you like!
* Hide/Show button for cange two versions with or without spykes , chains and buckle
* Shining button

WEKY boots work with standard or mesh avatars XD

Enjoy! *{ SeVered GarDeN }*


taxi to: *{Severed GarDeN}*

Hello flowers

Available in our fantasy store new Halloween outfit PUKKY!

Pukky includes:

* Dress rigged mesh in 5 sizes

* Lantern with animated moth

* Owl with animated eyes

* Headband with bats

We hope you like it!

<3 SeVered GarDeN

Pukky blo

taxi to *{ SeVered GarDeN }*


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