Hello flowers !

if you want to have fun with gacha machine
we hope you like these funny Pet Mask .
Only 35 L to play and you can get between 10 pretty pets mask ^_^
Each mask is mesh , resizable by script and transferable.

You can find gacha machine in our fantasy store.

Enjoy *{ SeVered GarDeN }*


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Hello flowers!

Today we want introduce you Luinil!

a new outfit for those who love fantasy style.
Luinil is available in three colors with medieval damask texture.
Luinil is rigged mesh and comes in 5 sizes + fitted mesh.
Includes: Dress , Sleeves , Legwarmers with shoes , Tiara and Necklace.

enjoy! *{ SeVered GarDeN }*

Luinil - skyjj

Luinil - darkjj

Luinil - rosejj

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Hi flowers ^_^

Today we present new Terry leggings ,

rigghed mesh leggings in 6 size, compatible with Slink High Foot.

Terry come with a big HUD to choose between :

21 pants textures , 12 waist textures , 12 belts textures and 3 metals ,

to mix a lot of combinations !

** wearable ONLY with Slink Avatar Enhanced High Feet .

Huuuuggg! *{SeVered GarDeN}*


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Hello Flowers!

New in store ^_^

UMA mesh heels.

With angelic wings , devil tail on tip of heel and spikes!

With HUD for change :

12 Band textures ,

12 Wedge textures ,

10 Wings textures

3 Spikes metals ,

band,wedge and soles colorable by Palette ,

Shining options , resize.

** wearable ONLY with Slink Avatar Enhanced High Feet .

Enjoy ! <3 *{ SeVered GarDeN }*


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Hello flowers :)

We had fun making these antler , available in 3 versions:

Flo antler Garden , with birds , ladybugs , birdhouse and butterflies fluttering ,

with HUD for change 8 antler wood colors and bird house colors.

Flo antler Forest , with little furry animals , caterpillars and butterfly fluttering,

with HUD for change 8 antler wood colors and ivy leaves colors.

Flo antler Jungle , with chameleons , orchids and butterflies fluttering ,

with HUD for change 8 antler wood colors and flowers colors .

Each antler is partial mesh and resizable by script.

You can find Flo antler in our fantasy store.

Kissesss <3  *{SeVered GarDeN}*

FLO antler - Garden

FLO antler - Jungle

FLO antler - Forest

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