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Happy Raz Day to meee!!!

there will be many new creations soon , and we also decided to change the shop and now we are working on it

yes i know.. now is really a mess :/  i’m sure you will like the new design :)
my current pc is really bad and it makes my work so hard !

but  i got a gift to me! new PC!! I hope will come soon , i can not wait to work with it ^_^

Kissses <3



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Hello Petites flowers!

Now the largest community of Petite
has a beautiful new sim,
where people meet, shop and relax
floating islands really fabulous!
and a treasure hunt to celebrate the opening of this beautiful sim
fly here!:

Petites Kingdom

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Hi petite flowers!

Some of you have asked us our old Morgana outfit in petites version , so now it’s ready ^^

Full witch outfit with a cauldron to be worn like a backpack, with macabre ingredients for your potions inside :P with animated spiders, fog and sound effects , two hats, with or without pumpkins (To wear it every month ^ ^)

enjoy <3

*{SeVered GarDeN}* B&B Creations

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