Hello sweet flowers!

Today we want present you new RUDY Boots!
This funny boots come with rigged and unrigged versions , with optional socks.
Rudy come with HUD in order to choose :
10 Boots textures – 10 Sole textures – 10 Reindeer’s ears textures ,

Socks colorable by palette.

enjoy <3 *{SeVered GarDeN}*

Rudy bootsbbb

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Hello flowers!

Today we want present you new outfit Mineko.

Mineko is fitted mesh in 6 sizes

and come with HUD to choose and mix

7 Jacket textures

7 Pockets textures

7 Sweater textures

7 Skirt textures

3 Fur textures

Mineko is available in 2 versions!

enjoy <3 *{SeVered GarDeN}*

Mineko 1bbbbbb

mineko 2bbbbbbb

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Hello flowers!

New JESSE Boots available at our mainstore ;)

This boots are rigged mesh and come with Mega HUD to mix textures for:

14  Base  – 14  Front  – 14  Back  – 20  Socks  –  10  Border socks

                    10  Lace   –  4 Sole   –  4  Metals .

                       JESSE are wearable also with :

               Bellezza Venus – Freya – Isis , Maireya , Slink Physique.

enjoy <3 *{SeVered GarDeN}*

jesse boots

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Hello flowers

Today we want present you new POPPY heels!

POPPY are rigghed mesh, and come with a mega HUD
to change an infinite number of textures combinations!

You can mix:

* 14 Shoe base textures

* 14 Wedge textures

* 14 Straps textures

* 2 metals textures

* Shining button

POPPY are wearable ONLY with SLINK high feet.

Enjoy!! <3 *{SeVered GarDeN}*

poppy heelsbb

taxi to *{SeVered GarDeN}*

Hello flower

We decided to make a version of our eyes SeVerEyes
for <UTILIZATOR> KEMONO and M3 avatars

In a single pack with10 colors !

Left and Right appliers.

kemono eyesbb􀀒

taxi to *{ SeVered GarDeN }* 

Avatars available here:


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